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We pay special attention to ensuring that our tests meet all quality standards, because we want to provide you with reliable results. For this reason, we have introduced a quality management system that can be found below.


Quality Management System Policy.
Declaration of the Management


Our motto

Our existence is based on building trust and safety for our customers

We understand quality as:

  • Continuous improvements in our work methods and processes by internal audits and appropriate corrective and preventive actions;

  • We carry out tests so as to meet the requirements of relevant standards and to satisfy the needs of clients, decision-making entities or recognising organisations.

  • Ensuring the reliability of all test results;

  • Pursuing satisfactory results for all projects implemented for our customers.


  1. The main task of BIO-CHIC Spółka z o.o. is services in the areas of microbiological tests for pharmaceutical products, tested pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, as well as the microbiological purity of the environment.

Our most important objective is to maintain our image as a reliable, professional and credible laboratory focused on satisfying customers with the quality of our services.


  1. The Senior Management of BIO-CHIC Sp. z o.o. is constantly engaged in the development, implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System in the Microbiological Laboratory by:

  • communicating within the company the importance of and emphasis on the fulfilment of customer requirements as well as that of the laws and regulations – this is achieved through meetings between the management and the employees, internal audits, system reviews by the management, and training;

  • establishing the Quality Policy – the Quality Policy has been declared, documented and communicated to all employees of BIO-CHIC Sp. z o.o.;

  • determining the quality objectives;

  • conducting reviews of the Management System according to the rules set out in procedure P 10 Management Review

  • ensuring the availability of the necessary resources.

  • considering both the risks and opportunities that are the basis for increasing the management system performance


  1. The quality management system policy is carried out through:

  • maintaining and improving the management system in line with PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025:2018-02, PN-EN ISO 9001-2015, and GMP;

  • performing high-quality testing in accordance with the best professional practices, using proven test methods that guarantee the reliability of the results;

  • proper supervision of the performed tests;

  • systematic improvements in the professional qualifications of our employees through a process of continuous training;

  • efficient and effective monitoring of all measuring and testing equipment;

  • continuous improvement in all services;

  • protecting the customers' confidential information and proprietary rights.


4. The Senior Management of BIO-CHIC is committed to:

  • providing the funds necessary to achieve the quality-related objectives of the management system;

  • establishing the mechanisms that ensure continuous improvement of the management system;

  • supervising directly the implementation of the quality management system policy through participation in periodic scheduled reviews of management;

  • ensuring that the Microbiological Laboratory carries out all testing impartially and independently, and that the salaries of the staff are not determined by the number of tests performed or their results;

  • taking decisions on any exceptions from the provisions of the system documentation in special cases, after making sure that they do not affect the reliability of the tests and do not cause any non-compliance with the

PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02, PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 and GMP standards.


The staff of BIO-CHIC Sp. z o.o. are familiar with the documentation on quality, and follow the policy and procedures in their work.

The President of the Board / Managing Director supervises the implementation of the quality management system policy and the actions taken to ensure and continuously improve the quality of all testing, as well as to maintain the appropriate conditions for their performance.