Manufacturing enviroment

badanie laboratoryjne

Pharmaceutical and cosmetics facilities

Modern quality assurance systems for pharmaceuticals or cosmetics are based on appropriate manufacturing conditions. Continuous monitoring of manufacturing hygiene is one of the major elements of controlling a finished product. The GMP guidelines require manufacturers to monitor manufacturing conditions. Making an effort to meet the expectations of our Customers, we offer outsourcing services in this regard.


The control of manufacturing conditions includes:

  • assessment of air purity in manufacturing rooms
  • purity assessment of room surface and equipment
  • purity assessment of external and internal surface of devices
  • purity assessment of protective clothing and hands of employees
  • identification of microorganisms isolated from the environment.
  • We participate in the validation of cleaning and disinfection processes, and collect samples.
  • We also help in determining the critical collection points and contamination limits.
  • The collection of samples and tests are carried out according to an internal accredited testing procedure.
  • Our highly-qualified team of microbiologists guarantees the proper collection of samples and assessment of material at the highest possible level.
  • We offer on-site visits at any pre-arranged time.


Healthcare facilities and private practices

The sanitary safety of healthcare facilities and private practices is an important component in the quality of their services. Our company assesses the efficiency of washing and disinfection by continuous monitoring of rooms. We offer purity tests of the air and surface in various purity classes. Tests are performed with certified materials and calibrated air samplers. Our employees have a vast expertise and experience.


Laundry facilities

This offer is intended for service providers specialising in washing of protective clothing for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry or healthcare. We provide superior services of the highest quality. Reliable results of microbiological tests on samples collected from the protective clothing will serve to prove the efficiency of washing procedures and agents.


Facilities of increased sanitary standards

"Safe Business is Your Business" is intended for beauty parlours, SPA salons etc.

Owners of such establishments want their salons to be places of physical recovery and mental relaxation; and their customers to feel completely safe and confident. With that in mind they observe strict sanitary rules to make sure that:

  • their staff always acts according to guidelines,
  • disinfection and sterilization procedures are observed,
  • disinfection and sterilization agents are efficient.

BIO-CHIC offers a continuous microbiological control, including testing of tools, staff and surface with regard to vegetative and spore-forming microbes.

With our company you will regain your calm, raise the value of your services and build your customer's trust by increasing their and your own safety..