Microbiological Services

Our microbiological services include laboratory tests for small and medium-sized enterprises in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

We analyse samples of:

  • non-sterile medicinal products, also in the ageing cycle;
  • pharmaceutical and cosmetic materials, including active substances and herbs;
  • cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations and the preservatives used in them;
  • household chemicals;
  • water – purified pharmaceutical water, food industry water, water from swimming pools and jacuzzis.

At the request of our clients, we also provide continuous monitoring of water treatment plants and production environments, such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, laundry or medical facilities and all other places with high hygiene standards. We supervise the microbiological purity of surfaces, tools, instruments and others.

We sterilise tools using steam under pressure and test biological control indicators in this process. We check the microbiological purity of the packaging of products which are to contain pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations. In addition, we support companies in the implementation of the GMP procedure for cosmetics and conduct training in maintaining hygiene procedures in production plants. We attempt to continue the expansion of our offer, adapting it to the expectations of our clients, and therefore we are open to your suggestions.